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A new era of investing.

Our big WHY is to disrupt and change the face of investing. We're creating pathways for more diverse, values-driven investors to contribute to a sustainable future.This starts with more female investors.

We envision a community building financial intelligence and making investments they would have not imagined were accessible before joining INVESTERA.


We envision a new era of investing where people allocate their funds as an expression of their values and a commitment to care for others and the planet.

Together, we're ushering in a new era of investing.

What we're building

A trusted place to grow your wealth and do good.

We believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself and your financial education. Taking ownership of your personal finances and learning to invest can feel overwhelming, intimidating or confusing. It doesn’t have to be. INVESTERA is bringing you the tools, resources and support so that you can be confident in making informed decisions to build wealth and have financial peace of mind. 

How are we doing this? We’re building an investment education community to meet you wherever you are in your investing journey.  The INVESTERA experience includes e-learning content from the best, a community to connect with peers and vetted experts, invites to events & workshops to build your financial wellbeing.


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Mel’s expertise is at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, tech, sustainability and blockchain. She has 13+ years of building organizations that aim to address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Joy has 10+ years of working at the forefront of impact finance at  a global scale, driving change at an unconventional bank that provides responsible, innovative and impact financial services in 20 countries.

Joy Souligny

Melissa Loh

Co-founders, Joy and Mel, bring track records in impact finance and alternative investing and are united in their  passion to make investing more accessible and relatable. They have advised and consulted on business development and systems design with a top tier global crypto asset exchange.

Why women first?

It's time for women to upgrade their financial toolkit.

Historically, men have  been at the center of wealth creation and management. Today’s financial infrastructure was predominantly designed for and by men. 86% of investment advisors are men. Women are stepping into greater wealth than ever before, yet most do not feel financially secure. In this decade, women will control 75% percent of discretionary spending around the world and 66% of the USA’s wealth. 

How can women be best prepared to manage and grow this wealth?

How can we break down the barriers that are keeping women from investing?


How can we step up as investors and leaders to shape the emerging financial system?


What kind of influence and positive impact can this wealth have for individuals, families, communities and our planet? 

These are the burning questions fueling what we are creating at INVESTERA.

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