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Build Your Wealth 
A 6-week program that will change your financial life

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The perfect entry point to start your investment journey 

Are you curious about investing but not sure where to to start?

Taking ownership of your finances and learning how to invest can feel overwhelming, intimidating or confusing. It doesn’t have to be. 

"Build Your Wealth" will help you map out your financial situation in order to design and action a customized, long-term investment plan. A plan that is simple and easy-to-manage, so you can have your money work for you while pursue your passions and priorities. 

We weren't taught this stuff in school, or at home or work. So we need to take charge of our financial well-being in pursuit of financial freedom, or at least financial peace of mind.

We hate to sound cliche, but this is life changing kind of knowledge and know-how.

And we're here to help make finance and investing accessible and relatable to all.

What's Included


Tools +

Q+A Sessions

Over the course of 6 weeks together, you will...

  • Cultivate healthy money mindsets and habits

  • Get stagnant money flowing and working for you

  • Learn the lingo to have confidence speaking about investing

  • Learn how to invest in a way that aligns with your values 

  • Get to know the latest technology to manage your investments

  • Connect with financial professionals that truly care about you

  • Gain confidence to ride ups and down of markets

  • Build resilience to avoid knee jerk reactions and rookie investment mistakes

  • Know how to filter investment opportunities and avoid scams

  • Have accountability to action your learnings 


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The best investment you can make is in your education

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