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AMA About Investing

We’re excited to give you direct access to a senior, 35+ years, investment representative to answer your questions about money matters and investing. 


What questions do you have? We’re collecting questions in advance so submit them when you RSVP or email  them to us.


For inspiration, here are some questions we've heard recently..."What do I need to do to become an investor? How much money do I need to start? How do I find a trusted financial advisors?"

Duration: 1 hour

Aug 13 USA at 8:30PM EST / Aug 14 Asia-Pacific at 8:30AM GMT+8

Learn the Language of Investing

At INVESTERA, we believe that the best investment you can make is in yourself and your financial education. In order to manage and grow your wealth with confidence, it is essential to understand key financial terms and concepts. Taking the time to learn the lingo is a vital step in the journey of achieving financial wellbeing.

Join our co-founders, Joy Souligny and Melissa Loh, for an online event to learn about the building blocks of investing. They will be breaking down key financial terms and concepts for making your money work for you

This event is for those curious about or relatively new to investing. For experienced investors, there will be future events and resources.

Duration: 1 hour

July 23 USA at 8:30PM EST / July 24 Asia-Pacific at 8:30AM GMT+8

Women and Investing

Women face many barriers to investing. Statistically, women are less likely than men to have investments of any type and more likely to have only cash.
Join the co-founders of INVESTERA, Joy Souligny and Melissa Loh, for an online discussion to talk about women and investing.
We can start breaking down the barriers to investing by coming together to learn from and support each other. We'll be having an open discussion about the barriers to investing and sharing challenges, successes, desires, and needs. So wherever you may be on your journey of exploring investing, join us.

Hosted in partnership with the “Investing & Growing Wealth” Facebook & Whatsapp Groups.

Duration: 1 hour

June 26 USA at 9PM EST / June 27 Asia-Pacific at 9AM GMT+8