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Financial Freedom

Take charge of your financial well-being

In this 15 minute webinar you will learn...


What beliefs may be standing between you and financial freedom


The 3 biggest and most common myths about investing


How to break down the barriers

to financial freedom

Are you ready to start investing?

Do you have beliefs about money and investing that are holding you back from financial freedom?

There are A LOT of misconceptions out there leading people to think investing is not for them.

 Building knowledge is how to challenge these barriers to financial freedom. So what are you waiting for? Your future self will thank you.



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We're Investera

A new era of investing

Our big WHY is to disrupt and change the face of investing. We're creating pathways for more diverse, values-driven investors to contribute toward a sustainable future.

This starts with more female investors.

Online Investment Education Community

Investera Co-founders, Joy and Mel, bring track records in impact finance and alternative investing and are united in their passion to make investing more accessible and relatable. 

INVESTERA is an investment education community where you learn how to invest, grow your wealth & do good.  From stocks to crypto we got you covered.

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Let's change the face of investing!

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Register Now to Access the FREE Webinar

It's time to take the next step on your financial journey!


This webinar is for you if...

*You are ready to take ownership of your personal finances but aren't sure where to start..maybe you even feel overwhelmed, intimidated or confused*

*You want support in building knowledge and  confidence to make smart financial decisions*

*You are open to examining your beliefs and stories around money and investing. *

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