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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

On this founders’ journey, we're nerding out on research in the world of finance with a focus on financial wellbeing. The amount of information out there is overwhelming. It’s time consuming to find quality content. Since we're doing the work already, we’re committed to filtering and handpicking our favorites to share with you. Read on for three recommendations...

TED Talk “The true cost of financial dependence”

What it is: TEDxDayton video featuring accountant Estelle Gibson (less than 9 min)

Who this is for: We think this talk delivers a powerful reminder for us all...and there may be someone in particular you know who could benefit from a loving message on this topic.

Why we’re recommending it: Estelle talks about the importance of financial independence. She shares how easily we can hand over our financial power and her own story of recovering from financial dependence. She provides actionable advice to empower others who desire the freedom that comes with being responsible for and managing your own money. Sidenote: We appreciate her overview of different forms of dependence. We want to highlight that personally we think the ideal in a partnership is interdependence (probably a topic for a future blog post!).

Article on Arlan Hamilton

What it is: article featuring Arlan Hamilton Managing Partner, Backstage Capital (less than 5 min)

Who this is for: If you’re looking for inspiration or want to learn more about diversity, or lack thereof, in the Venture Capital (VC) world.

Why we’re recommending: Arlan, a badass gay black woman, went from pitching investors with barely a dollar and no home to her name to launching Backstage Capital which has invested more than $7 million in 130 companies. While we'd normally not focus on labels, her story really beats the odds. Only recently has Venture Capital (VC) been put under a microscope for the severe lack of diversity on both the investor and founder side. For the founders in our community, Backstage invests in underrepresented entrepreneurs and recently launched an accelerator program. Read more in the Fast Company article.

Book "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" by Ramit Sethi

What it is: A book on personal finance by Ramit Sethi, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”

Who this is for: Read this for a basic, no-nonsense approach to getting your finances in order in a short period of time. If you’ve already cleaned up and automated your personal finances or you bank outside of the USA, you can skip this book.

Why we’re recommending: While the author himself admits the title could sound a bit scammy, he doesn't shy away from the value he provides. Ramit’s book has been a go to resource for personal finance and a NYT bestseller.

The six week plan laid out in this book will help put your finances on autopilot while maximizing cost savings. If you haven't yet set up an automated savings and investment plan, we find Ramit breaks down the rational and the "how to" really well. He also is a proponent that investing is for everyone and demystifying personal finance in a way that is really easy to understand and put into action. Find it online or ask if your local bookstore delivers (note: latest edition published in 2019) .

Sidenote: Ramit has been featured on a bunch of podcasts so you can tune in to his thinking that way as well. Personally, we feel he sometimes comes off a bit salesly in his blog and newsletter but we get the sense he is a good guy and we appreciate his no-nonsense, actionable advice.

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