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Support Bitcoin Mass Adoption


1 in 3 women plan to buy crypto in 2022, let's make it Bitcoin!

Only 15% of crypto holders are women. However, the interest is growing exponentially as crypto enters the mainstream.


This is a MASSIVE opportunity for Bitcoin adoption.

But we need to cut through the noise of the rug pulls, overpriced jpegs and the energy FUD in order to onboard the next wave of Bitcoiners.

Fund the Mission

Let's usher in the next 1 million Bitcoiners. Your donation will make waves!



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INVESTERA is an investment education community with a mission to onboard more women into crypto, with Bitcoin as a priority . As a bootstrapped early stage startup, our Bitcoin workshops have helped hundreds of women build the confidence and knowledge to move $1MM+ of their assets into Bitcoin. 

We have the expertise and a track record. We're ready to serve. That's where you come in.

We need your support to boost Bitcoin mass adoption by bringing more women into the fold.


We know how to breakdown complex topics to make Bitcoin relatable and accessible.

With your support, we will create and promote educational experiences that truly speak to women who are crypto-curious.

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